Get Exactly What You Need With Our Electromechanical Assembly

We produce assemblies with a level of precision you won’t find just anywhere.

Our 20 years of expertise in electromechanical assembly and our advanced testing and inspection process means we can ensure attention to detail within tolerances as small as 5 micrometers.

  • 40,000 square-feet of temperature-controlled space
  • Highly skilled and experienced assembly specialists

Our Assembly Expertise

  • Mechanical assembly

  • Electro mechanical assembly

  • Assembly line

  • Focused assembly cell

  • Calibration

  • Functional and run-in testing

  • Kitting, labeling and packaging

  • Small to large assemblies

  • Low to medium volume

Our Production Processes

  • Wire harness production with automated cut, strip and length machinery
  • Litz wire connector assembly/fusion welding
  • IR soldering of surface mount electronic components
  • Brass to brass soldering
  • 2 part glue dispensing system
  • Torque control systems in place